Welcome to Goten mori, the hot spring of Uesugi.
This hot spring inn has preserved the historical heritage for 380 years since its operation.

We are proud of operating this inn, which has a history of being used as “Akayu House” (Cottage of Uesugi family) from the era of Sadakatsu Uesugi, the Yonezawa domain lord. We have exhibited the items that we received from many famous celebrities who visited this inn, including the Emperor Meiji, along with the historical materials of Uesugi family inside the inn. In addition, you would enjoy having various styled baths, called “Twelve hot springs” that include “Huge stone bath,” which is the biggest bath in Japan, and Aomori cypress log bath, which is made from a tree that lived for about 450 years. Since we have some other facilities for your relaxation, please come and visit us. We really look forward to meeting you.

殿様御膳 原石の湯 御殿の間 直江兼続兜