Enjoy doing ‘your own’ things in Goten mori.

Since we enjoy hearing comments from our customers who say “I don’t get bored even though I come here many times” or “I really enjoy using various facilities,” we have made many facilities without compromising. Please enjoy “your own Goten mori” at your favorite facility.


Welcome sake

This is a traditional hospitality of Uesugi family. When you enter the entrance, would you like to have a glass of restored sake that people had enjoyed in Muromachi Period (about 15th century)?


Colorful yukata

Would you like to wear yukata after taking bath? We have prepared many colorful yukata so that you can have many yukata to choose from.

甲冑の倉 甲冑の倉 甲冑の倉

Room of armors

The armors that had been used by historical characters, such as Kenhin Uesugi, Kanetsugu Naoe, Masamune Date, and Nobushige Sanada, have been exhibited. Please enjoy watching various armors that give you excitements. Those armors can be worn without charge. By all means, experience the life of feudal warlords by wearing those armors.


Cave of dragon

In the past, this horizontal type well was used as refrigerator. This cave exists for 380 years and was introduced as a "place where a mystical energy flows in Yamagata."


Foot bathing under beautiful trees

This is a foot bathing facility located in the central garden. You may wish to relax yourself during the season of cherry blossom or Japanese plum flowers. Your foot and heart would be warmed up.


Central garden

By wearing wooden clogs in red straps, enjoy your stroll. You may enjoy playing with carps in a pond or wild birds that come occasionally.


"Gentle Warmth" by bedrock bathing

We have provided "Dome of MOKUSHI stone (Chinese rare stone): Natural bedrock bathing" that warms you up from deep inside of your body and let you relaxed with refreshing sweat. Please refresh yourself with relaxing melody as you see the planetarium stars on the ceiling.


Relaxation room

In a space of relaxing atmosphere, you find many massage machines with high functions. Relaxing aromas that calm your mind and oxygen chargers are facilitated. They are available without charge.


Audio room

With a concept of "experiencing the wonders of music," the music theater has been designed with audio equipment in high quality, providing you the wonders and sensations of music.


Drinking corner: "Hot Water of Tortoise"

The hot spring of Goten mori is suitable for drinking since it is pure onsen. The adequate amount is 100 to 200cc for one drink.


Paradise of 12 hot springs

There are 12 different baths in various types. Please take your time and enjoy your bath as if you become a royal king.


Room of folk story

There is a room that brings you back to an old age with nostalgic atmosphere of an old house. You can watch the folk story in a big screen. The traditional toys decorated in this room are very popular for kids.


Room of ages

The "Room of Ages" is an archive room of history. The historical materials of Uesugi family are exhibited with audio guides.


Trekking with snowshoes

During a winter time, snowshoes are rented out without charge. Would you like to walk around freely on the soft new snows?